Deason Baby Monitor: A Game-Changer in Baby Monitoring Technology

Are you a parent seeking the most recent breakthrough in baby monitoring technology? Look no further! Deason Baby Monitor has just introduced a ground-breaking gadget that not only assures your child’s safety but also aids in their early intellectual development. This unique gadget goes above and beyond standard monitors, providing a wealth of capabilities that will alter your parenting experience.

Let’s look at the features that make this baby monitor a must-have for all parents.

Crystal-Clear Visuals with Intelligent Camera Control:

The Deason Baby Monitor’s 5-inch HD screen and 1080P camera provide exceptional video quality for monitoring your child. The 2x zoom capability catches delicate details.

Every Corner is Covered with 360° Pan and 120° Tilt:

The Deason Baby Monitor’s outstanding coverage guarantees that you never miss a moment. Pan the lens horizontally up to 330° and tilt vertically up to 120° to get a full picture of your baby’s surroundings. 

Two-way Talk to Improve Bonding Moments With Your Baby:

The Deason Baby Monitor elevates communication with your baby to a new level. A simple long-press may create an emotional connection with your child, encouraging feelings of warmth and comfort.

Super Clear Night Vision for 24/7 Visibility and HD Clarity.

Are you concerned about keeping an eye on your infant at night? Have no fear! The Deason Baby Camera Monitor smoothly transitions to night vision in low-light situations, providing clear visibility even in full darkness. With its seven color selections, the ambient light produces a relaxing sleeping atmosphere. 

Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Monitoring:

The Deason Baby Monitor has a powerful 5000mAh battery that lasts 24 hours in VOX mode and 12 hours in standard mode. The clever VOX mode shuts off the screen after 15 seconds to save battery. Relax knowing your kid is always under watchful eyes.

Smart Monitoring with Sound and Temperature Alerts: 

In VOX mode, the monitor detects anomalous sounds in the baby’s room and displays an auto-alert for crying or loud noises even offers alarms to remind you of feeding times. Furthermore, the monitor tracks room temperature and alerts you if it rises beyond 86°F or falls below 56°F, assuring your baby’s comfort.

Long-distance Transmission that is Secure and Easy to Use

Deason prioritizes your child’s safety, offering privacy protection and strong connectivity. Using modern 900MHz connection technology, this monitor provides a longer transmission distance and more penetration than typical 2.4GHz monitors, reaching up to 1200 feet in open spaces. There’s no Wi-Fi or apps, just a safe and private connection. 

Download and Play Early Education Audio Content to Promote Early Development:

Encourage your baby’s growth by using the Deason Baby Monitor’s ability to download and play early education audio content. This capability is facilitated by the bundled 64GB memory card, which allows you to capture important moments through video recording and playback. Remember that the TF card must be formatted before it can be used correctly.

Connect Up to 4 Cameras with Ease:

The Deason Baby Monitor allows you to easily attach up to four cameras, providing unrivaled monitoring options. This feature focuses on both number and quality, guaranteeing smooth integration for a comprehensive picture. However, keep in mind that these cameras are specially developed for this model, and obtaining extra cameras requires contacting the vendor.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Deason Baby Monitor provides a comprehensive answer for modern parents. Its innovative features protect your baby’s safety and well-being while encouraging early cognitive development. Now, let’s chat about the offer you’ve been looking for!


From February 18th to February 22nd, the original price of $129.99 will be reduced to $99.99 as a limited-time sale. Don’t pass up the opportunity to invest in your peace of mind and your baby’s growth with the Deason Baby Monitor.


Order Deason Baby Monitor today and experience the next generation of baby monitoring technology! 



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