Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Bike/Motorcycle/Gate Lock IP44 Splash-Proof

This brilliant device is highly effective Theft deterrent. Once the lock is activated and it detects vibration the first time it lets out a loud chirp to serve as warning. This lock is more convenient than the more traditional bike u-locks because you don’t need a key. It’s very easy to use.

The best detriment for the dudes that want nothing more than making yours theirs – quick. When they see this lock wrapped around your bike, motorcycle, doors or gates they best to just keep on walking. Thieves have two chances on riding away with your ride or property – slim and none. Let’s just say the stuff you don’t need to move anywhere, will have a high chance of being there when you come back.

Battery Life:

The battery will last 5-7 months depending on your average usage. You can watch battery percentage from the Nulock app all the time. And it will give you warning notice if the battery level is lower than 20%. For dead battery, you can always change the battery and use the same password to unlock it.

How many phones can be associated

One time you will only be allowed to connect and operate the Nulock from one phone just like playing music on a bluetooth speaker. This is a bluetooth device. If you can not connect to the device from your phone, then you need to make sure there is no other phone connected to it.

Hi does it notifiy on your phone if the lock is tampered?

Yes it does, and the noise coming out of it is very loud!

is there a manual?

Yes there is a manual inside. You can also search Nulock in Youtube to see how it works. If in any case your phone is not working, you can borrow your friend’s phone then download the free app with your password to unlock it. It is not like a U-lock. If you lost the key then you will get stuck.

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