Trends Xiaomi Digital Drawing Board Electronic Handwriting Notepad

Customized LCD film, clear handwriting

Small blackboard uses customized LCD film, blue-green handwriting, clear and crowd pleasing display, with both the important writing experience of traditional paper and therefore the smooth experience of LCD screen .

Handwriting thickness changes with force

Using high-sensitivity pressure sensing technology and smooth flexible LCD screen, the thickness of the handwriting is suffering from the writing pressure, the greater the pressure, the thicker, and the other way around . With a fingertip or other object on the screen to realize no delay writing, with the built-in stylus, the writing experience is best .

No Blu-ray LCD screen, safe and dust-free

The screen doesn’t self-illuminate, and it’s tough to fatigue with the eyes. No dust, no ink, safe and hygienic.

Low power consumption, lasting battery life

Zero-power consumption LCD screen, consumes only a little amount of power when it’s cleared. If you clear 100 times each day , a button battery are often used for three hundred and sixty five days . Easily clear the screen and begin a replacement creation.

Ultra light magnetic stylus for easier storage

The weight of the pen is merely 7g, and therefore the whole machine uses four hinged iron boron magnets, which have strong adsorption capacity and long-lasting magnetism . Say goodbye to the normal snap-on storage, the stylus are often easily storage and can not be easily lost.

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