Weight Scale Wireless Health Monitor For iOS & Android App Sync w. Apple Health

It is intuitive and easy to set up, not like some other crap apps. Very sleek looking. The app is easy to use and syncing the scale to the app was instant.

How To Use:

Press the power button to enter pairing mode. Then add new device and find the device name “Smart Weight Scale 208B3”. The cool thing is the app allows You to add as many users as you want under one account.


You can use it to record weight for yourself and your kids and record their weights separately. It also gives me weight graph. And the price is definitely unbelievable, considering its slim and stylish design with aluminum and tempered glass body.

What a solid scale, it has so many cool features. After downloaded the app and paired the scale with Your phone. Every morning when You weigh Yourself it records Your weight and shows Your progression over time! This scale will  extremely accurate because You will go to a doctors appointment get weighed and same day You stepped on this scale, it will give you the same number. You Will much prefer the digital kinds, and with it being a smart scale makes it a bonus!

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