This Piano Desk Lamp Is Awesome For Your Music

Editor’s  Choice:

NULED Piano Desk Lamp Dimmable LED (Bright Cold White, Warm White or Dim White) 10W Table Reading Light w. USB Charging Port, Foldable Rotatable Stylish (Black Polished, 2020 Version)


  • Very flexible movement of the light itself and the different light ‘temperatures’ as well as adjustable brightness is real nice. Provide light for piano sheet music while playing. It does exactly that. Although it does not come with a USB AC wall plug/cube, they offer to send you one at no cost if you need one with a short email to them via the email address they provide.
  • This is a relatively nice little desk lamp. The adjustable arms where the LEDs are allow you to move the light to where it’s needed most. The bass is nice. The overall feel of the light is of medium quality. It is a little short to be a true piano light but so far has worked well.
  • NULED adjustable piano light does a good job on top of my piano illuminating music. Has three settings of light intensity and two arms which illuminate both pages of music in a songbook. It has 10W LED with stretchable arms and 3 brightness modes.
  • its innovative design with flexibility and portability. This one is inexpensive is adjustable and has three light levels. It does not come with a 5 volt adapter. They will sent you one on request but most people who use cell phones have one in a drawer somewhere.

This light works well for everyone’s needs because it has different lighting temperatures, intensity levels, and adjustable lamp angles.Works great behind the music stand on the piano and tall enough to reach over the sheet music

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