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Many video editing programs claimed to offer professional results; Filmora¬† is one of a few consumer-level tools that actually delivers. It takes a good quality computer for animation and video editing. But for those who are low-configured PCs and newer, Wonder Share’s version of FILMORA is one of the best¬† video editing tools.

The program allows video editing in a quite professional way, it is possible to add the audio you want as well as modify its features, it also allows you to implement some techniques to add very good effects, it is quite intuitive, very easy to use, on the Internet you can find many tutorials to make use of the different video effects that can be created with the program. Importing videos, audios, images and exporting to many extensions and qualities without having to use any 3rd party software is a big asset.

Filmora is a superior product form Wondershare . Elegant, simple and effective interface for a video editing software. The best feature is the price. The second best feature is the easy way to use all the features. This software is so intuitive and simple to use. Can cut, make transitions, titles, export easily, with flexibility to detach audio if necessary. Transitions and titles that are provided are very good.

Filmora isn’t super expensive, but it is a full film making software suite suitable for amateur and professional filmmakers. You can adjust the footage in most any way you want, use whatever transitions that please you (but you use them sparingly and tastefully, unless you are making a home movie), and can work with all the normal filetypes (import and export them). For the vast majority of users Filmora is more than good enough.

Filmora is the best film editing software on the market. What like most about the software is the simplicity. It’s so easy to learn and use. The interface is super user-friendly, which makes the features easy to learn and utilize. Filmora has got some amazing effects which are simple to apply and give you incredible results. Filmora is one of the cheapest software which provides tons of features in its package.

The benefits of this software are:

  • – With FILMORA you can easily work with slideshows, Text & Titles, Music Library, Overlays & Filters, Elements and more.
  • – The software is serial key for lifetime use. No crack file to be used. You can register directly with the e-mail address and registration code.
  • – The size of the software is only 5 MB.
  • – You can edit almost any type of video file.
  • – Very easy to use.
  • Very polished piece of software
  • High quality effects and transitions
  • Very advanced options for the price


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