Best LED Desk Lamp with Touch Control

This light is very lightweight, versatile and easy to use. While this is meant to be a piano lamp, You primarily keep this lamp by bedside and use it at night when You reading or journaling before bed.You Will find that the third mode the most, especially before bed, because it’s especially beneficial when you need a soft, non-circadian-rhythm-impeding light by the bedside. As for the bright blue mode, You Will Find it useful as an additional spotlight for filming close-up video.

Operation is simple. The left button is the on-off switch, and the right button controls the various modes of colour and the dimming capability. You Will Find that, once powered on, the lamp reverts back to any previous light mode it was set on previously. The buttons are touch-operated, and you hold your finger down on the on/off button for about a second in order to power it on.


The right button circles through the various colour modes. The light has 3 colour modes: Bright blue, a softer blue, and a soft yellow. Each of these modes are dimmable. Once the light is powered on, you select one of the colour modes with the right button, and you can dim each of the modes by holding your finger on said button until you reach the desired brightness. Straightforward and simple.

The lamp is surprisingly lightweight, with an aluminium body (presumably), and runs on energy-efficient LEDs. It has two arms that can each be swiveled at 90 degrees. You can close the arms in together, or set them apart in a straight line.


In honest opinion, what could make this light better would be an option for battery operation. You Will very much like for this light to be chargeable, and able to run without it having to be plugged in all the time. Thankfully, however, it is operable with the use of any Micro-USB cable, so no worries if you misplace the provided cable – any Micro-USB cable will do.

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