Backrobo Air Smart Chair C2 – An ergonomic Office Chair with Automatic Lumbar Following System

Backrobo C2 Chair

If you’re someone who craves the perfect blend of innovation and an unparalleled sitting experience, let me introduce you to the game-changer: the Air Smart Chair. Prepare to redefine your workspace as you know it, with a seamless fusion of groundbreaking technology, a dynamic design that’s ahead of its time, and a level of personalized support that’s simply unmatched. This isn’t just another chair; it’s a revolution in office comfort that promises to elevate your work routine to a whole new dimension.

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Automatic Lumbar Following System: Effortless Customization

 Gone are the days of manual adjustments with the Air Smart Chair’s automatic lumbar following system. Using ingenious air chambers, this chair effortlessly fine-tunes the gap between your waist and the backrest. This feature ensures a seamless and personalized fit, eliminating the need for constant fidgeting to find the perfect posture.

Dynamic Ergonomics: Tailor-Made Comfort

 The Air chamber’s flexibility takes comfort to an entirely new level. Conforming precisely to your back’s contours, it offers impeccable support whether fully inflated or partially deflated. The U-shaped design targets your waist, spine, and back’s sides, ensuring unparalleled comfort and relief during prolonged sitting sessions.

Pinnacle of Personalized Support: Smart Adaptability

 Advanced sensors enable the Air Smart Chair to make precise adjustments to your sitting position and angle, providing optimal lumbar support as the air chambers adapt. For an even more personalized touch, input your height and weight in the Backrobo app to experience support that is uniquely yours.

Free Shift Smart Fit: Your Comfort, Your Control

 The innovative dual-mode system grants you the freedom to switch between automatic and manual modes. Take charge of your comfort by manually adjusting the distance between the lumbar support and backrest, ensuring complete control over your sitting experience. The control panel, conveniently located on the left side of the chair, provides effortless access to these features.

Backrobo App: Your Health Manager

 The Backrobo app is more than just a tracking tool – it’s your health manager. Seamlessly switch between modes, indulge in waist heating during colder days, and treat yourself to a relaxing massage when needed. Uncover the key factors influencing your sitting score, and make informed choices to enhance your overall well-being.

Lumbar Support and Sedentary Record: Combat Back Pain

 The Air Smart Chair addresses lower back pain by encouraging you to stand up after an hour, a practice backed by research. Even if you choose to remain seated, the chair offers a two-minute waist exercise that effectively relieves spinal pressure, reducing discomfort.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics Combined: Thoughtful Design

 This chair is not only functional but also a design triumph. The wireless magnetic feature keeps your workspace organized, and the detachable battery ensures 5-6 days of uninterrupted power. The chair’s aesthetics are matched by its customizable angle and height, U-shaped headrest, and flexible arm support – all meticulously designed for your comfort.

Certified Reliability: Trustworthy Quality

 The chair’s authoritative certifications – UL adapter, UN38.3 battery, TUV gas lift, FCC communication, and BIFMA safety strength – attest to its unwavering reliability and quality, offering peace of mind.

Detachable Power: Unmatched Convenience and Longevity

 One of the standout features that truly sets the Air Smart Chair apart is its detachable power system. This ingenious design ensures that a single charge of the battery can power the chair for an impressive 5-6 days of continuous use. This means fewer interruptions and more focus on your work, without the constant worry of recharging.

Final Verdict:

 The Air Smart Chair is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a revolution in office seating. Its innovative features, ergonomic design, and personalized support make it an investment in both comfort and health. Whether you’re a professional striving for productivity or someone who values a comfortable workspace, this chair opens the door to a new realm of sitting comfort. Your workspace will never be the same again.

Website: (15% off at checkout & a free lumbar pillow)

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